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Excellent Customer Service

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Excellent Customer Service

Dan just got a great compliment from someone who was complaining about a lack of customer service in certain areas.

He said “It always stood out for me with Dan – toilet parts or full bathroom replacement – it all seemed equally important to him. He has great customer service skills. Little job or big job he approached people like it was the most important job he had.” (Robert Sharp, Exton, Pa.)

Our Clients Say:

"Dan and Jessie did a wonderful job for us. They converted a 2 car garage into a warm, comfortable home for my 88 year-old mother-in-law. They worked neatly and were very dilligent and especially thoughtful for our new occupant. The craftsmanship was superb and everything was well thought out and they worked closely with our designer to make sure that everything worked as it was supposed to. They have made an entire family happy by doing what they do every day. They make it all look easy but the results are amazing. They incorporated the new work into the house without a hint of a change.

Thanks again for all you did, I will be getting back to you for more work."

Ed and Mercedes Hampson | Blue Bell, PA