Would you like more living space, a more elegant family room, remodeled kitchen or a new bathroom?

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"Our kitchen and dining room were servicable but small. We had always wanted to knock the wall down between them and make one big space. We finally decided to go ahead with the project and hired Dan Kradzinski. He helped us see our vision and then some!

In the planning stage, he listened to all our ideas and then had some of his own, which were things we didn’t think of and glad he made the suggestions. He was at the job site every day until it was finished, something I think many contracters fail to do. He cleaned up every night before he left; again not sure about other contractors. Dan explained all the different choices and products to us and referred us to different places for the products. He was also open to places you may already want to go to.

He was easy to work with and if you decided to add a job to the list it was no problem. He did excellent work and if you wanted something
changed, he did it. We respected his advice, but he also repected our desires.

The end result is breathtaking. Everyone who has seen it is amazed. Nine months later, and I still stand in my new kitchen and am in awe. If I only had the money to redo all my bathrooms, he would be hired again. But, we’ll have to wait a little while longer for that."

Sue and Mark Zingle
Willow Grove, PA

"The moment Dan walked into our home and looked over our old kitchen, I was impressed by his sincerity and honest nature. When he left, I said to my husband Pete, “This is the man I want to do the work on our kitchen.” I was never let down or disappointed. If he said he would do something, it got done! If I wanted to add something or change an item, he took care of it. I never had to watch over any part of the remodeling and never felt inconvenienced. I’ve had wonderful reviews so far from family & friends. I plan to have Dan back for another remodeling project. Thanks Dan & Jim."

Sue Beebe
Roslyn, PA