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Project in Warminster

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Project in Warminster

UPDATE: Kradzinski Remodeling won a Contractor of the Year award (residential kitchen, $100,001 - $150,000) for this kitchen addition!  Check out the finished kitchen photos here.

We’re busy finishing up a huge project in Warminster that includes an addition, kitchen remodel and bath remodel. Waiting for counter tops template. It’s in the finishing stages now and will be completed soon.

It’s a great time to request an estimate for a summer remodeling project! Give us a call 215-442-1562

Our Clients Say:

"Mallary, Beth, and I want to say ‘thanks’ for the great work you, Aaron, and Jessie did for us. It was almost two months exactly from the time you started (11-2-07) until the time you put the finishing touches on our new kitchen (1-7-08). I never would have believed it.”

“It was a pleasure having you and your crew show up at our home every day. It’s clear you aim to please and to make difficult projects as pleasant as possible. I also like your ‘can do’ attitude and the way you found solutions on the fly.”

“Family Christmas is the ultimate test in our house—in fact, when I had my family over, we all stood in the kitchen, practically the whole time. You’ve given us a great new space to gather with family and friends.”

“Thanks—and ‘Let’s Go Flyers!’”


Jim Hatch | Dresher, PA