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Excellent Customer Service

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Excellent Customer Service

Dan just got a great compliment from someone who was complaining about a lack of customer service in certain areas.

He said “It always stood out for me with Dan – toilet parts or full bathroom replacement – it all seemed equally important to him. He has great customer service skills. Little job or big job he approached people like it was the most important job he had.” (Robert Sharp, Exton, Pa.)

Our Clients Say:

"Great Kitchen Remodel, can’t wait for the bath!!!! We had Kradzinski Remodeling totally gut and remodel our kitchen and it came out fabulous! Our tiny kitchenette is now an upgraded, state-of-the-art, gorgeous kitchen. Dan and his crew pay special attention to detail and will work with you to plan the best space for you and your home and at a fair price. My neighbor decided NOT to go with DAN and went with a contractor that gave them a lower price; believe me they got what they paid for and have regrets now. Dan’s work is impeccable down to the last details. We would highly recommend using Kradzinski Remodeling and we plan to use again for a bathroom revamp!! Thanks DAN!!!"

Kris Wescott | Glenside, PA